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You and what you need are at the center of everything I do at Jeff Bow Executive Coaching. My mission is to guide exceptional clients to Brilliance through Balance™. You are an excellent candidate to benefit from our approach if:

Joni Redick-Yundt and Jeff Bow in
Guarantee Your Success

  • As a LEADER, you want to harness the talents of your team to make a positive difference in the world;

  • As an EXECUTIVE, you want to see a thriving bottom line;

  • As a SPIRITUAL BEING, you want to feel effective, purposeful, and fulfilled;

  • Most importantly, you are ready and committed to collaborating, sharing, and taking consistent, inspired actions to get you from where you are now to achieve that ultimate vision for where you want to go with your life and work.

It's my privilege to be invited to work alongside amazing, intelligent, highly capable people of high integrity - people like YOU -- who bring an entrepreneurial, "can-do" spirit to bring about remarkable results in their lives, careers, and communities.
Imagine what it would be like to have someone you can count on and trust to create space for you to vent, release, create, and be supported to achieve important breakthroughs in your life and work. Consider how much better you would feel about your life, knowing that the legacy you have imagined for your contribution would be taking shape today, one deliberate and purposeful step at a time. Would you:

  • Laugh more?
  • Take more adventures?
  • Be in a better place to bring your best to your family more often than you do now?
  • Be connected to a deeper, more profound purpose that gives even more life to your years and inspired energy in your actions every day?

These are among the priceless rewards that clients of Jeff Bow Executive Coaching welcome, often with speed, grace, and impact.


"Jeff has inspired me to become a better leader for my family and for my community and continues to encourage me to reach new heights... Because of Jeff and his teachings our business has soared to new heights in a timeframe we thought to be inconceivable. "

Lee-Ann N. Heely
Doctoral Scholar
University of Phoenix- School of Advanced Studies
Doctoral of Leadership Management Program



Return on Investment (ROI)

The first global coaching survey commissioned by the International Coach Federation (ICF) revealed that companies that use or have used coaches for business reasons have seen a median return of 7 times their initial investment. Individual clients reported a median return of 3.44 times their initial investment. The ICF commissioned in 2008 independent research firms Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Association Resource Centre Inc. to jointly conduct this groundbreaking study which provides comprehensive information about coaching clients, their decision making process and their opinions about professional coaching.



Whether you are a leader seeking an accountability partner to boost your business in a very specific way, an team leader who is ready to break through fear and other obstacles to become a well respected, results generating contributor to your organization, or an executive or business owner who is ready to fully engage at the VIP level to be a VIP in every aspect of your life, Jeff Bow Executive Coaching stands ready to support your journey. Through a non-denominational, non-religious, and very focused and results-generating coaching approach, I help you uncover new ways of understanding the dynamic relationship between you, your source of Divine presence, and your leadership results that will contribute to lasting happiness and satisfaction with every aspect of your life.

Clients come to me, often by referral of other satisfied clients. They are ready to invite change in their lives and work and take a comprehensive view to bring about the transformation they seek. Many come to me with specific, short term challenges to address and elect to stay engaged with us for three to five years at a time as they stay in action, accountable and delighted with the positive changes they welcome in their lives over time.

No matter your particular needs or circumstances, one thing is certain; I am on your side. I am committed and passionate in my commitment to guide you to a better life that lights you up, is fulfilling, and flows with joy, ease, and purpose.

Read on to choose the coaching package that is a perfect fit for your specific needs, knowing that Brilliance through Balance™ is at the center of all the work we do with your interests at the center.

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities.
In the expert's mind there are few.

- Shunryu Suzuki



Jeff Bow Coaching Services are designed to support you in your pursuit of accomplishing what matters most to you in your business and personal life. My offerings are designed to accommodate your current needs and you determine the length of support needed. There is no time commitment.

The following are programs to help you get started. Each theme represents a coaching structure for the package. However, in each session, you choose what you want to work on and discuss. Click the links to read more and choose a coaching package that resonates with you!




Business Boost
Ignite Your Brilliance
VIP Inspired Life

My suggestion is that you invest in your magnificence and make a commitment to put yourself first for a year. I am so confident that you will find our coaching relationship to have such a positive impact on your life that you will join others who have continued the relationship for 3-5 years.

Invest in your magnificence, and let that magnificence cascade to every aspect of your life. Why wait a moment longer?


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