What does 'Spirituality' mean in this context?

The word 'Spirituality' understandably elicits different responses in different people. In the context of Jeff Bow Executive Coaching, it simply means a deeply personalized approach that recognizes the greatness of your individuality.

We will begin from the assumption that your deep sense of self and your sense of connection to a Divine Presence larger than your self are two important sources of information, inspiration, energy and guidance in your life. Together, we'll look for practical ways to apply your personal values and gifts to the everyday challenges of leadership.






"Through his excellent example, he has always inspired me to be
more accountable to myself, my life work, and ultimately my deeper dreams. I always think of Jeff as “a midwife for one’s dreams”."

Kathleen Thurston, owner of Divine Order consulting

A Spirituality-Centered Coaching Model

In many traditional personal-development models, spirituality is seen as just another slice of a person's whole life pie, as in the picture below.

The old model*

Jeff Bow coaching starts from the premise that this old way of seeing the role of spirituality misses an important truth about the nature of the spiritual dimension of life. As illustrated in the picture below, spirituality is more than just "another aspect" of life, it is a leader's essential, core source of power and guidance.

The Jeff Bow model*           

In the Jeff Bow model, the Coach's role is to help clients clarify their purpose and expand the possibilities in all parts of their lives - professional, financial, and personal - by deepening their personal connection to the source of Divine presence.

*Inspired by Coach for Life's 'Life Balance Wheel' - © 1996

Working with Jeff
As a client of Jeff Bow coaching, you can expect that Jeff will do four things.

  1. Listen well - Through deep listening, I seek to fully understand what is important to you.

  2. Create safe space - The safe, confidential relationship we'll establish together will provide the support structure within which you can do the deep and vulnerable work of personal change.

  3. Direct your awareness to your own highest vision - In the context of the safe space of the coaching relationship, I guide your attention to your own highest vision for your life, encourage you to process shifts in your awareness, and support you in objectively assessing what it will take to move forward in creating a professional and personal life that resonates with your core values and truest objectives.

  4. Hold you accountable - Amidst the competing demands of daily life, it is easy to lose focus and rely on old habits of mind and patterns of behavior. As a coach, I promise to keep you focused on what's important to you and in alignment with the values of who you are.


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